We can help you with study permit so you can protect your dream to come to Canada for further studies.

We can help you secure your dream to come to Canada for higher studies. Canada focuses on great quality practical education vs. traditional book-based learning. It’s one of the reasons many students around the world choose Canada over other countries. Canada has great universities and colleges. Normally after completion of grade 12, students go to college to study 2 to 3-year job-ready diploma. Some working professionals go back to college to study postgraduate diploma and courses for academic upgrading. Some students go to universities for Bachelor’s degree and to pursue further education like Masters, postgraduate diploma, certificate course, Ph.D., etc.

Did you know? Most of the diploma and bachelor’s degree offer internship and co-op opportunities with real employers. Many students are hired by these companies after their completion of the study.

Also, did you know? Canada offers 1-year post-graduate work permit (PGWP) for those who enrolled themselves for a 1-year certificate or diploma course, 3 years post-graduate work permit for those who enrolled themselves for 2 years, 3-year diploma, or bachelors or 2-year master’s program.

Steps to get Study Permit in Canada are as follows:

  1. Find the program you want to study. Browse university and college’s program offerings.
  2. Make sure you meet college entry requirements.
  3. Apply for college admissions.
  4. Once you are admitted, colleges ask you to pay certain fees to hold your seat. Do this step as soon as possible.
  5. Once your seat is confirmed, you will receive Letter of Admission (LOA) from colleges or universities.
  6. Fill immigration forms.
  7. Get ready to show your supporting documents that prove your identity, strong ties to the home country, financial status, etc.
  8. Make sure your exit requirement is met in your home country. This rule is set by your home country.
  9. Apply for Study Permit to Canada. Pay Study Permit Application.
  10. Wait for results

Doing all this on your own might stress you out. Our immigration consultants are regulated Canadian immigration consultant authorized by the Canadian government. We can help you from guiding you for studies, choosing the right college, to gathering required documents and to apply for a study permit. We will guide through each step and even provide you with a checklist of items you require for a study permit. You can have peace in mind especially when regulated Canadian immigration work for your Study Permit.

Kindly contact us for one-one private consultation to get started.