If you are planning to come to Canada for a visit, we can help your dream come true.

So you want to visit Canada and enjoy beautiful places like Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Banff, and more. Maybe you want to see your family and friends in Canada. Maybe you are already in Canada and now you want to call your friends, nephew, niece, parents, grandparents, etc. to visit you on a special occasion. Maybe you have to transit through the Canadian airport while you are traveling to your end destination. Maybe you want to study a course in a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) that is less than six (6) months in duration. For all these, you need a visitor visa.

Steps for Visitor Visa:

  1. Have a reasonable reason to come to Canada.
  2. Get an invitation letter from friends’, family or relatives.
  3. Get a letter of admission from DLI for short course if you are coming to study.
  4. Show your personal information.
  5. Show your financial information.
  6. Show your previous travels away from home country.
  7. Show your home times and reasons you would back to your home country after your visit.
  8. Fill up all forms.
  9. Show your travel itinerary.
  10. Pay Visitor Visa Application fee to the Government of Canada
  11. Wait for the results

Doing all this on your own might stress you out. Our immigration consultants are regulated Canadian immigration consultant authorized by the Canadian government. We will guide through each step and even provide you with a checklist of items you require for a visitor visa. You can have peace in mind especially when regulated Canadian immigration consultant works for your Visitor Visa.

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